We take full responsibility for the mechanical work we deliver.
Because we take care of everything, from the purchase of materials to functional testing.

With Rostan, delegating without having to control is not an illusion: for more than five decades, our production centre has mastered all machining, mechanical welding, assembly of functional mechanical parts and sub-assemblies, including their controls during and at the end of production, with protocol.

Our competencies

Rostan S.A.S. offers you a combination of very specific skills that will guarantee you impeccable quality.
We have learnt to combine the precision requirements that we have learnt from our deliveries to the Swiss market with the machining capabilities for complex, large or heavy parts more specific to the French industrial market.
The CNC machining and milling centres can handle parts up to a size of 4000 X 1500 X 1000 mm. The turning park offers working possibilities up to 400 mm.


Photographie d'une machine de fraisage

Our primary area of expertise is large-scale CNC milling. Thanks to our modern and precise CNC milling machines, we are able to machine large and heavy components. With our machines and lifting equipment, we can offer you capacities of up to 4500 x 1500 x 1000 mm and weights of up to 12 tons.

Milling machines are available:
Zayer 30 KF 5000
Sachmann CNC 10t
Correa CF 17


Photographie d'un centre de tournage

Your turning requirements up to dimensions of 400 mm will be realised with competence based on many years of experience in the field of turning.
The company has a whole range of CNC lathes for all turning jobs, with or without reworking, with speed and performance.

Precision machining centres

Photographie d'une machine d'usinage

On Mori-Seiki and Haas machining centres, we take care of all your projects for which the price-accuracy ratio is crucial.

Cylindrical grinding

Photographie d'une machine de rectification cylindrique

Cylindrical grinding is provided by our sister company Rostan Suisse S.A. Long-standing work for customers in the machine tool sector, in particular the complete machining of elements or functional assemblies of quills, spindles, mandrels and cleats, has enabled us to acquire a rare degree of experience that allows us to accept grinding work with tolerances of less than 3 or 4 µ. The company can even present control protocols for deliveries made, for special spindles, within 2 microns.

Electrical discharge machining

Photographie d'une machine d'electroérosion

On our alpha 1A and alpha 2B0 electroerosion machining centres, we will take care of the precise machining of your parts.

Workpiece measurement

Photographie d'une machine d'electroérosion

Using high-tech machines such as the Hexagon Tigo SF, we measure parts with an accuracy of one hundredth and ensure that they conform to specifications.


Photographie d'une machine d'electroérosion

We take the time to design the parts with you to meet your requirements and expectations.

3D control

Photographie d'une machine d'electroérosion

Using high-tech machines such as the Hexagon Tigo SF, we check parts with hundredths of an inch of accuracy and ensure that they conform to specifications.

Reverse engineering

Photographie d'une machine d'electroérosion

Thanks to our mastery of CAD and CAM software, we are able to help you with reverse engineering of parts.

Welding & machining reloading

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Thanks to our KEMPPI welding stations and our various machining centres we are able to reload your parts with different materials.